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781 MCA Family

Dual / Quad Indipendent 16k Digital MCA

  • Dual or Quad Independent 16k Digital MCA
  • Available in Desktop and NIM form factors
  • Suited for high resolution digital nuclear spectroscopy
  • Selectable input dynamic range and adjustable fine gain
  • Features DPP-PHA firmware for energy and time stamp calculation
  • Digital oscilloscope mode for an easy setup and signal monitoring
  • Suited for high counting rate
  • USB and Optical Link communication interfaces
  • Drivers, libraries and API for Windows and Linux 32/64-bit
  • New MC²A analyzer software for configuration, acquisition and data plotting
child1 781
The 781 Family is a Family of compact Dual/Quad Digital 16k MCA for nuclear spectroscopy. Available in Desktop and NIM form factor, it is ideally suited for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, like HPGe and Silicon, connected to a Charge Sensitive Preamplifier (CSP) but it can also properly work directly connected to a PMT with inorganic scintillators (Nal, Csl) and other types of crystal, provided that the pulse shape is exponential and the decay time is long enough (typ. > 200 ns).

Thanks to two or four independent input MCA running simultaneous acquisition, x781 is able to manage coincidences and anti-coincidences between multiple of detectors, allowing the user, for example, to easily take advantage of background rejection or anti-Compton shielding techniques. It has been designed to operate as a scalable multi-input, multi-board acquisition system offering synchronization capabilities.

Three ways of operation are foreseen:

pdf "Pulse Height Analysis (PHA)": pulse height histogram (1k-2k- 4k-8k-16k) built at software level
pdf "List": pulse height and time stamp for each event
pdf "Oscilloscope": input and internal filters waveforms

Desktop Package
Desktop Package
Desktop module housed in alloy box

154 W x 50 H x 164 L mm³ (without connectors)
154 W x 50 H x 183 L mm³ (including connectors)
800 g (DT5781 version)
Model Compare
Model Compare
Form Factor
N. of Inputs
2 (DT5781A version)
2 (N6781A version)
child2 781
PHA settings, acquisition and mathematical analysis are performed through the new MC² Analyzer software, providing out energy and time spectra in ASCII or N42.42 compliant files.

CAEN provides moreover drivers for the supported communication links, configuration software tools, C and LabVIEW libraries (CAENComm, CAENDigitzer, CAENDPP), demo applications and utilities.
MC² Analyzer (MC²A)
Digital MCA Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
MC2A is a software specifically designed to manage CAEN Digital MCA (DT5770, γ stream, Hexagon and 780/781 family) as well as CAEN digitizers running DPP-PHA (Digital Pulse Processing for the Pulse Height Analysis) firmware, like 724 or 730 family.

It allows the user to set the relevant parameters, to manage the HV channels configuration (x780, γ stream and Hexagon only), to collect the spectra and perform mathematical analysis on them, like energy calibration, peak search, background subtraction, peak fitting, etc.

It is designed with multi-channel, multi-board capabilities: it can handle several boards and manage the data acquisition from each of them at the same time.
MC² Analyzer (MC²A) video